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Are you an Agnostic Muslim?

Born Muslim, still Muslim, but you no longer identify with any organized religion? Do you have a strong belief in a creator, in a grand designer but have serious reservations about religion as an institution, and have reasonable doubts in the authenticity and divinity of religions? Are those doubts relentlessly growing with time, and causing inner disturbance? Welcome to the site/forum. We are here to support and guide each other, without prejudice or condescendence.

The process of leaving or even revising your childhood religion takes a significant toll on your inner peace & stability, and many seek counseling with specialized therapists during these times (in fact many psychologists recognize 'religious guilt' as one of the leading factors for clinical depression). We hope this community will act as a good support system until each person reaches their own truth and feels at peace with their chosen path. We are completely indifferent about which path you take as long as it gives you a sense of purpose and inner peace. Some will boomerang back to their traditional religion 👍 ; some will find meaning in atheism 👍; and some will find peace and grounding in this in-limbo 'agnuslim' situation, and that's cool too! 👍

We are intellectuals, thinkers, scientists, artists even influencers. We are your neighbors, your co-workers perhaps even your cousins. We are Baby boomers, Generation X and Millennials.  We are not a 'movement', nor a cult. We do not have a leader, a doctrine, we do not seek to recruit or enlist followers (but of course we would unapologetically welcome any new members) and we certainly aren't looking for fame - in fact we are here for the anonymity! We are not denouncing Islam or Muslims, heck we still identify as such, but we are pragmatic enough to be at peace with the possibility of a 'religionless'  supreme Creator who bestowed the gifts of consciousness & awareness on and across the universe for any conscious being to connect with and belong. No messengers or holy wars necessary! 

This forum welcomes everyone, and not just Muslims or Agnuslims. We encourage and are looking forward to intellectual reflections, debates, and all kinds of shares & collaboration. You don't have to be politically correct here, and please express yourselves freely. We highly recommend posting on this site with discretion and on anonymous basis, however it's completely up to you if you choose to reveal your identity. Don't be insulting, judgmental or condescending, and be respectful, mindful and kind.

Above all, show civility & humility. 

To each their own. 

لا ضرر ولا ضرار

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