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Incognito Viewer Second Life 4.0.24l

Incognito Viewer Second Life 4.0.24l

Second Life is a virtual world where users can create, explore, and interact with others. To access Second Life, users need to download a software called a viewer, which allows them to see and control their avatar in the 3D environment. There are different types of viewers available, some of which are official and some of which are third-party. One of the most controversial and notorious third-party viewers is the Incognito Viewer, which has been used for various purposes such as copying, hacking, and crashing other users and objects in Second Life.

The Incognito Viewer is a modified version of the Phoenix Viewer, which is based on the old SL Viewer 1.23. It was developed by a group called FCT (French Copy Team), led by a user named Saxangalior. The Incognito Viewer has many features that are not available in the official viewers, such as:


  • FCT Rezzer: A tool that allows users to rez objects anywhere in the sim, even if they do not have permission or land rights. This can be used to create lag, grief, or steal objects from other users.

  • AvTexture: A tool that allows users to see and copy the textures of other avatars, including their clothes, skin, hair, and attachments.

  • AvHuds: A tool that allows users to see and interact with the HUDs (heads-up displays) of other avatars, such as their health bars, chat bubbles, or menus.

  • KeyTool: A tool that allows users to see and copy the UUIDs (unique identifiers) of any object or asset in Second Life, such as animations, sounds, scripts, or meshes.

  • VoiceHax: A tool that allows users to manipulate the voice chat of other avatars, such as changing their pitch, volume, or position.

  • Anti Animation Crashing: A feature that prevents users from being affected by animation crashing, which is a technique used by some griefers to freeze or distort the avatar's movements.

The Incognito Viewer has been updated several times since its first release in 2011. The latest version is called Incognito The End (20121705), which was released in May 2023. This version claims to have improved performance, stability, and security, as well as added some new features such as:

  • Contact Sets: A feature that allows users to organize their friends list into different categories and groups.

  • SLUM: A feature that allows users to see the SLURL (Second Life URL) of any location in their profile.

  • Undeformer: A feature that allows users to restore their avatar's shape when it has been deformed by another user or object.

  • Messagebuilder: A feature that allows users to create custom messages using circuits, which are logical components that can perform various functions.

  • BVH to ANIMATN: A feature that allows users to convert BVH files (motion capture data) into ANIMATN files (Second Life animation format).

  • FCT Tools: A set of tools added to the pie menu that can perform various actions such as deleting objects, teleporting to ground, or multi-rezzing objects.

The Incognito Viewer is not available on the official Second Life website, but it can be downloaded from various sources on the internet . However, using this viewer is risky and unethical for several reasons:

  • The Incognito Viewer violates the Second Life Terms of Service (TOS), which prohibit the use of any software that can copy, modify, or interfere with the content or services of Second Life without proper authorization. Users who are caught using this viewer can face account suspension or termination by Linden Lab, the company that owns and operates Second Life.

  • The Incognito Viewer infringes the intellectual property rights of other creators and users in Second Life, who have invested time, money, and effort into making their original content. Users who use this viewer to copy or steal their content are committing piracy and theft, which can result in legal action by the rightful owners.

  • The Incognito Viewer poses a security threat to both the user and other residents in Second Life. Users who download this viewer from untrusted sources may expose their computer to malware, viruses, or spyware, which can compromise their personal information, passwords, or financial data. Users who use this viewer to hack or crash other users or objects may cause damage, loss, or harm to them, which can result in reports, complaints, or retaliation by the affected parties.

In conclusion, the Incognito Viewer Second Life 4.0.24l is a third-party viewer that has many features that are not available in the official viewers, but it also has many risks and drawbacks that outweigh its benefits. Users who are interested in using this viewer should be aware of the consequences and responsibilities that come with it, and respect the rights and interests of other users and creators in Second Life.


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