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Affairs Of State

Noel Murray of the Los Angeles Times stated, "an engaging if ungainly hybrid of The Graduate and House of Cards, the political potboiler Affairs of State benefits greatly from being both timely and, for this day and age, uncommon. In an era when so many indies are either genre exercises or quirky dramedies, a well-acted, ripped-from-the-headlines melodrama is a novelty."[3]

Affairs of State

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Textual Records: Records of the Office of the Chief Clerk, 1873-1941. Records (mainly investigatory) of the Office of theCounselor and of the Chief Special Agent, 1915-28, including ageneral file, 1916-28, with a microfilm copy of the index (21rolls). Records of the Foreign Permits Office, 1918-20. Recordsof the Office of the Solicitor regarding United States-Spanishclaims, 1927-31. Records of the Executive Secretariat, includingrecords of the Office of Coordination and Review, 1892-1942.Records of the Bureau of Accounts and of the Office of Budget andPlanning and its predecessors (633 vols.), 1782-1949. Records ofthe Bureau of Rolls and Library, 1756-1930. Records of theForeign Service Personnel Board, 1914-18, 1924-46. Records of theBoard of Examiners, 1853-1925. Records of the Foreign ServiceSchool, 1909, 1925-26. Reports of the Board of Review of ForeignService Personnel, 1921, 1925-27. Records of the PassportDivision and field offices, 1790-1917, including passportapplications, 1795-1905. Decimal files of the Passport Division,1910-49; and passport applications, consular registrations, andindexes, 1906-25. Decimal files of the Visa Division, 1910-49,1955-59; visa name files, 1914-40; and procedural correspondence,1910-31. Records of the Bureau of Accounts and of the Office of Budget and Planning and its predecessors (633 vols.), 1782-1949. Records of the Bureau of Rolls and Library, 1756-1930. Records of the Office of Coordination and Review, 1892-1942. Organizational files of the Executive Secretariat, 1944-71; Records of the Executive Secretariat, 1945-1976; conference files, 1949-72; Records relating to the Vital Records Program for Emergency Planning, 1950-67; policy and history File, 1950-66; briefing books, reports, and minutes, 1952-66; the Secretary's and the Under Secretary's memorandums of conversation, 1953-1964; memoranda of conversation between the President and foreign leaders, 1956-64; Presidential memorandums of conversation, 1956-64; restricted data files relating to nuclear matters and issues, 1957-67; briefing books, 1958-76; National Security Council (NSC) meeting files and policy reports, 1959-66; records relating to presidential transitions, 1959-77; multilateral force documents, 1960-65; special disarmament talks summary, 1960; policy guidelines, 1961-66; White House correspondence files, 1961-69; records of the NSC, 1961-72; NSC action memo files, 1961-68; Presidential and Secretary of State correspondence with heads of state, 1961-71; Operations Center watch logs, 1961-75; follow-up reports on national security actions, 1961-65; records of the special group (counter Insurgency), 1962-66; politico military contingency planing files, 1963-66; historical reports related to diplomacy during the Lyndon Johnson Administration, 1963-69; White House and agency files, 1963-67; President's evening reading reports, 1964-74; records relating to the Committee of the Principals, 1964-66; memorandums of the Executive Secretariat, 1964-76; press contact reports for principals, 1965-69; records relating to the Acheson-NATO exercises, 1966; senior interdepartmental group files, 1966-69; weekly focus reports, 1966-71; policy correspondence files, 1966; briefing Books for Secretary-of-State Designate, William P. Rogers, 1968; transcripts of the Paris meetings on Vietnam, 1968-72; policy summaries for U.S. Delegations, 1969. records of the Historical Office research projects, 1969-74; correspondence of Richard Nixon with American ambassadors, 1969-71; central files on NSC Matters, 1969-72; summary of the Under Secretary's meetings with the National Security advisor, 1970-72; morning summary of significant reports, 1971-74; daily activity report from principal officials, 1973-76; special correspondence of Secretary Kissinger, 1974; daily reports, 1975.

Textual Records: Records of the Division of Eastern EuropeanAffairs relating to the Baltic and the USSR, 1917-41. Files of H.Freeman Matthews and John D. Hickerson, Office of EuropeanAffairs, 1934-47. Records of the Office of Western EuropeanAffairs relating to Italy, 1943-51. Records relating to Italy, 1943-68. Records of the Division of Central European Affairs, 1944-53. Records relating to Soviet-U.S. Relations, 1945-66. Bureau of European Affairs checklist, 1950-74. Records relating to psychological warfare, 1951-53. Records relating to the economy and defense of the Federal Republic of Germany, 1953-61. Records relating to the negotiations of the Status of Forces agreement with Germany, 1954-59. Records relating to the Federal Republic of Germany, 1954-67. Subject files of UN advisor and policy planning officer for the Bureau of European Affairs, 1955-65. Subject file of the labor advisor for the Bureau of European Affairs, 1955-71. Records relating to Spain, 1956-66. Records relating to Canadian economic matters, 1956-66. Records relating to Austria, 1957-64. Records relating to Poland, 1957-66. Records relating to Berlin and East German affairs, 1957-68. Records relating to Portugal, 1957-66. Records relating to Canadian political matters, 1957-66. Records relating to NATO political affairs, 1957-66. Records relating to Swedish affairs, 1958-64. Records relating to Greece, 1958-67. Records relating to European economic development, 1959-67. Records relating to the RB-47 and U-2 incidents, 1960-62. Records relating to the steering group on implementation of the Nassau Decision, 1960-63. Records relating to Bulgaria and Romania, 1960-65. Records relating to Belgium, 1961-65. Records of the Multilateral Force Negotiating Team, 1961-66. Records relating to European integration, 1962-66. Chronological files relating to US efforts to create the Multilateral Nuclear Naval Force, 1963-65. Records relating to Czechoslovakia, 1963-64. Conference Documents: Trilateral Talks, November 9 -10, 1966. Records Relating to the Acheson-NATO Exercise, 1966. Czechoslovak Crisis Files, 1968. Records relating to United States-United Kingdom crises communication, 1968-77.

Textual Records: Records of the Bureau of Near Eastern and South Asian Affairs, 1937-53. Records of the Office of African Affairs, 1943-49. Records of the Bureau of Near Eastern, South Asian, and African Affairs, 1945-50. Records of the Office of Near Eastern Affairs, 1946-49. Records relating to Refugee Matters and Jordan Waters, 1949-68. Records relating to the Congo, Belgium, and other select countries and subjects, 1949-67. Records relating to regional matters in Near Eastern and South Asian Counties, 1953-66. Records relating to the Near East arms initiative, 1953-64. Records relating to Arabian peninsula affairs, 1954-66. Records relating to United Arab Republic affairs, 1955-66. Records relating to the Central Treaty Organization, 1956-65. Subject files on issues relating to the Middle East, 1956-66. Subject files relating to the administration of consulates and embassies, 1958-66. Records of the Bureau of African Affairs, 1958-66. Records relating to Turkey, 1959-67. Records of G. Mennen Williams, Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, 1961-66. Records relating to general Middle East Matters, 1962-66. Records relating to Israel, 1957-67. Top secret files relating to politico-military games in the Middle East, 1962. Records relating to Iran, 1962-67. Records relating to Lebanon, Jordan, and Syria, 1962-64. Records relating to Cyprus, 1962-66. Records relating to Lebanon, 1962-64. Records relating to Iraq, 1963-64. Records relating to Syria, 1963-64. Records relating to Jordan, 1964. Records relating to Arab economic matters, 1964.. Records relating to petroleum in the Middle East, 1964-66. Subject files relating to issues in Israel, United Arab Republics, India, and Pakistan, 1965-66. Top secret records of the Assistant Secretary of State for the Bureau of Near Eastern and South Asian Affairs, 1965-73. Middle East Crisis files, 1967. Cyprus Crisis files, 1967. Correspondence of Christopher Van Hollen, Deputy Assistant Secretary, Near Eastern and South Asian Affairs, 1969-72.

Textual Records: Records of the Philippine and Southeast Asia Divisions, 1929-53. Records of the Division of Far Eastern Affairs, 1932-41. Records of the Bureau of Far Eastern Affairs, 1942-58. Records of the Division of Chinese Affairs, 1944-50. Central File of the Office of East Asian Affairs, 1947-64. Historical Reports relating to China and Sri Lanka, 1949-76. Records relating to Kashmir, 1950-64. Records relating to Korea, 1952-66. Subject files relating to U.S. policy toward communism in the Far East, 1953-65. Top secret files relating to the Republic of China, 1954-65. Records relating to Japan, 1955-66. Records relating to John B. Hollister's trip to Southeast Asia, 1955. Records relating to Australia, New Zealand, and Southwest Pacific Islands, 1958-66. Briefing books relating to the Vietnam situation, 1961-66. Records relating to Laos, 1962-66. Records relating to Ceylon, 1962-64. Records relating to Iran, 1962-67. Records relating to the Republic of China, 1963-66. Records relating to Indonesia, 1963-66. Records relating to Nepal, 1963-66. Records relating to the economic and political affairs of India, 1963-66. Subject files of the Vietnam Working Group, 1963-66. Records relating to Malaysia and Singapore, 1963-66. Subject file of U.S. foreign policy in Asia, 1964-66. Records relating to Burma, 1964-66. Records relating to the Philippines, 1964-66. Records relating to Thailand, 1964-66. Subject files of the Regional Office for Far Eastern Affairs, 1964-66. Records relating to Vietnam, 1964-67. Records relating to Communist China, 1964-66. Records Relating to Cambodia, 1964-67. Records relating to U.S. and British cargo seized by India and Pakistan, 1965-67. Records relating to North Korea, Japan, and the Republic of China, 1966. Vietnam prisoner of war and missing in action files, 1966-1979. Korean crises ("Pueblo Crisis") files, 1968. 041b061a72

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