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How To Buy Nj Transit Bus Tickets Online ((TOP))

Purchase monthly, weekly or one-way tickets including one-way reduced tickets (half fare or less) for senior citizens, children, passengers with disabilities as well as military personnel and their dependents through our Bulk Sales program.

how to buy nj transit bus tickets online

Commissioned Ticket Agents (CTA) are private retail businesses that sell NJ TRANSIT bus tickets or passes on our agency's behalf. CTAs can sell one-way (OW), round-trip (RT), ten trip (10T) or (10 ST) student tickets as well as monthly passes (MP) and tickets for senior citizens and passengers with disabilities (SC). CTAs are located throughout New Jersey, typically along NJ TRANSIT bus routes and nearby major bus boarding locations. To locate a CTA near you, access the county list, then locate the merchant by convenient town listings that include the CTA name, address, and telephone number. Not all CTAs sell all ticket types, please take note to what type of ticket is sold at each CTA.

Via Secaucus Tickets: One way, off-peak roundtrip and 10-trip rail tickets for travel "via Secaucus" between Hoboken Division (Morris & Essex or Montclair-Boonton lines) and Newark Division (Northeast Corridor, North Jersey Coast Line or Raritan Valley Line) stations may be used on Newark Light Rail for connections between Newark Broad Street and Newark Penn stations only at no additional cost. These tickets may not be used on other light rail lines or on buses.

NJ TRANSIT does not issue refunds for one-way or round-trip tickets. Ticket agents/sellers will refund 10-trip tickets only if a complete set of ten wholly unused tickets is presented. A maximum of one set will be refunded at any one time. Ticket agents/sellers will refund 10-trip tickets in cash if the conditions listed below are met:

Your phone is your key to transit. Plan your trip, buy and display passes and tickets, and get real-time bus and train status for your trip. Everything you need in one handy application plus a TVM with multiple payment options to buy passes and tickets. Use the new cash-to-mobile app feature that allows you to add value to your MyTransit Wallet by paying cash at a participating retail location or, buy tickets using a credit or debit card, MasterCard- or Visa-branded commuter benefit cards, and prepaid credit cards, as well as Apple Pay, Google Pay and PayPal.

The process of purchasing a mobile ticket is the same regardless of ticket type or rider type. Child tickets are valid for children ages 5-11. Senior/Disabled and Military tickets require that identification be shown to the operator, a conductor or ticket inspector.

There is a purchase limit of ten tickets per ticket type, except monthly and weekly passes, and FLEXPASS. One monthly or weekly pass can be purchased on your device for use per calendar month/week. You may only buy and own one FLEXPASS per mode at a time.

FLEXPASS is valid for 30 days from and including the date of purchase. All tickets associated with a FLEXPASS must be used before the 30-calendar day expiry. Expiration of FLEXPASS tickets may not be paused or frozen.

Select the ticket(s) you want to use for the trip, tap Activate Selected Tickets. When prompted, confirm that you want to activate the selected ticket(s). If multiple tickets are selected, the quantity selected will display on a single ticket.

Tickets must be activated prior to boarding and be ready to be displayed to the conductor/operator/fare inspector. An internet connection is required to activate tickets. Once activated, tickets can be displayed without an internet connection. Your monthly pass will self activate at midnight on the first of the month. Your weekly pass will self activate at 12:01 a.m. on Saturday.

Yes, tickets and passes eligible for a refund within the NJ TRANSIT Mobile App and bought with funds from your MyTransit Wallet account will be refunded to your account. Your balance will reflect the refunded amount as a deposit on your account.

Prior to the first business day of the calendar month/week, you will receive a full refund. After the start of the month/week, if the refund is requested immediately following the purchase, the full amount charged for the monthly/weekly pass will be refunded. For all other refunds, the cost of two one-way tickets will be deducted from the refund amount for each business day you had the pass.

Wholly unused train and light rail ten trips, as well as bus discounted ten trips, will be refunded at the full purchase price. For partially used bus discounted ten trip tickets, the applicable full one-way fare will be deducted from the purchase price for each ticket that has been activated.

When you have a new phone, sign in to your account using your User ID (email) and password. If you do not see your active or non-active tickets, please delete and reinstall the app. If your tickets are still not shown contact NJ TRANSIT at 973-275-5555 for assistance importing your tickets.

NJ TRANSIT offers an array of options for purchasing rail, bus, and light rail tickets. MyTix a feature of the free NJ TRANSIT Mobile app, provides customers the convenience of buying and displaying most tickets and passes securely from a mobile device. Ticket vending machines are available at light rail stations and many rail stations and bus terminals. If you'd prefer to speak to a ticket agent, you can check out our Station Information pages to determine where offices are located and their hours. We also offer a variety of tickets including one-way, ten-trip and round-trip tickets. You can learn about all special fare options on our web pages for train, light rail, and bus.

In 2004, NJ TRANSIT began a partnership with several colleges and universities in New Jersey to offer a 25 percent discount off NJ TRANSIT's already discounted rate for monthly passes to students who purchase their pass online.

The alternative payment method, rolled out last week, aims to expand access to people without bank accounts and reduce the number of paper bus, train and light rail tickets. The first 2,000 people to utilize the feature will receive a $5 credit toward NJ Transit tickets and passes within 30 days of signing up for the app.

The fares can be purchased at retail outlets like 7-Eleven, Walgreens, CVS and Family Dollar. They cannot be bought at NJ Transit terminals or stations. Riders who do not have smartphones will need to continue using paper tickets.

"This mobile app upgrade represents a significant leap forward in NJ Transit's fare modernization program, leveraging technology to add yet another option for customers to purchase tickets and passes," said Kevin S. Corbett, NJ Transit president and CEO. "It also promises to further reduce cash and paper-based tickets, and takes advantage of a statewide retail network to expand access to transit, particularly for the unbanked."

Allowing cash payments puts NJ Transit in a unique position among its neighboring transit agencies. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority, based in New York City, has sought to replace cash payments entirely with reloadable cards. SEPTA only allows debit and credit card payments through its app.

Princeton undergraduate and graduate students may purchase a rail, bus, or light rail student monthly pass on mobile for 25% off the regular monthly pass price, when they enroll online through NJ TRANSIT's Mobile Student program. For details on student eligibility, see here.

Complimentary tickets are offered for bus, rail, and light rail customers through the NJ TRANSIT mobile app, by visiting one of our Customer Service office locations or by calling our Customer Service hotline at 973-275-5555.

The round-trip fare from Secaucus to the Sports Complex is $11.00 from New York Penn Station. Purchase your round-trip tickets in advance at Ticket Windows, Ticket Vending Machines or through the free NJ TRANSIT Mobile App. Download the app from the Apple Store or Google Play.

Earn points that you can redeem for offers at stores, restaurants, and attractions when you purchase tickets and passes through the NJ TRANSIT Mobile App. You choose when and how your points are redeemed.

NJ TRANSIT has increased the frequency of cleaning regimens for all stations using cleaning agents that are deemed effective for these purposes and which contain anti-viral components such as bleach/water mixes and other disinfectant sprays and liquids. Areas regularly cleaned include doors, door knobs, windows, benches, partitions, trash cans, elevators, escalators, handrails, ledges, all restrooms and floor surfaces and all floor mats. Customers wishing to limit their use of touchpoints are encouraged to purchase tickets through the NJ TRANSIT mobile app.

For example, if a refund request is submitted on Monday, March 16, the deduction amount is calculated by multiplying the full, one-way fare of travel reflected on that pass by 20 (10 business days X 2 one-way tickets each day).

Purchasing your ticket is easy from NJ TRANSIT ticket vending machines, available at many rail stations, Light Rail stations, bus terminals. You can choose from a variety of ticket options including one-way, ten-trip and roundtrip tickets. And, you can save with discounts available for students, seniors, kids, and groups.

Full-time undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to purchase a rail, bus, or light rail mobile student monthly pass at 25% off the regular monthly pass price, when you enroll online through NJ TRANSIT's Mobile Student program.

No. NJ TRANSIT suspends every Student Pass account at the end of May. Students who want to buy a Student Pass during the summer months or want to reactivate their Student Pass account in the fall can do so through online account management.

Full-time undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to purchase a rail, bus, or light rail mobile student monthly pass at 25% off the regular monthly pass price, when they enroll online through NJ TRANSIT's Mobile Student program. 041b061a72

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