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UPD Download 5000 MIDIS GOSPEL Zip

Brian Miles converted many style files from the Technics KN-5000 keyboard. Unfortunately, the conversion software set all the tempos and volumes the same. Working with Brian's initial conversions, I adjusted almost 200 Technics styles for use on the Yamaha PSR keyboards. Based on tables from some Technics owners, I tried to set the right tempo and name of each style and also adjusted the accompaniment volumes for a better balance. There are no OTS added to these conversions so they can be used with any PSR keyboard. These converted styles are provided below in six zip files (KNDisk1 - KNDisk6). Click on the file links to download the zip file. You will, of course, have to unzip the file to get to the style files. The styles are not grouped into any specific genre. Styles were converted one-by-one and the conversions released 30-to-a-disk as they became available. Not all the Technics styles could be converted for the PSR. Some were simply too large to fit into the PSR-2000. But most of the problems were encountered when the accompaniment voices seemed to clash with the chords being played. This may be due to features available in the KN-5000 that aren't recognized by the PSR models. In any case, those problem styles were just skipped. I may not have caught them all; you may still find a style in these sets that doesn't seem to sound right. If so, just delete it. Most of these styles, you will find, sound just great on the PSR-2000.

Download 5000 MIDIS GOSPEL zip


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