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Agnuslims in the Middle East

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Thinking In English Szkutnik Pdf 14

-they have been able to coexist and cooperate peacefully for centuries. However, later in history, in the Medieval age, naturally (due to the cyclic - Spiral Triadic -way of sociocultural evolution) - European scholiasts, in their ontotheological constructing, had developed the mingling (integration of) both the concepts and notions of Aristotle and Plato, so that, later - scholars discontinued to distinguish between the rational cosmological (all-encompassing) constructions of Aristotle and Plato. That is, thence - European (global) researchers started to treat Aristotle (a pure water pagan and naturalist) as a theological scholar, i.e. who (ultimately) had been enrooted (based) in the Dualist (Transcendent, External) mode of thinking (Type to

Thinking In English Szkutnik Pdf 14


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