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Agnuslims in the Middle East

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Aho Ullman Compiler Design Solution Manual

Andrew W. Appel. Modern Compiler Implementation in ML. Cambridge University Press, 1998. The opposite of Scott: focuses on compiler construction, not languagedesign issues.It uses the functional language ML, which is closely related to O'Caml,but just different enough to be annoying.

Aho Ullman Compiler Design Solution Manual

Steven S. Muchnick Advanced Compiler Design and Implementation. Morgan Kaufmann, 1997. A very extensive book on many aspects of compiler design. Startsabout halfway through Appel and goes much farther. Recommended forserious compiler hackers only.

The focus of 4115 is the design and implementation of a little language. You will divide into teams and design the goals, syntax, and semantics of your language, and implement a compiler for your language.


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