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Why Is Your Video Marketing Failing Employ The...

Video marketing requires a significant investment of both time and budget, yet most marketers fail to make the most out of their videos. By following the optimization strategies outlined in this guide, you will ensure your videos perform well in search engines and deliver better results.

Why is Your Video Marketing Failing Employ The...


Be sure to identify your key performance indicators to measure the success of your video asset or webpage prior to publishing. Whether you are prioritizing impressions or conversions, for example, will determine how you use this guide.You know your content best

Melty Cone is a video production company and video marketing agency in NYC that provides video services in New York. We work with companies, agencies, brands, organizations, nonprofits, and businesses to make branded content videos, marketing videos, social media videos, youtube videos, corporate videos, promo videos, instagram videos, explainer videos, facebook videos, instructional videos, advertisement videos, viral videos, commercial videos and more!

If you plan to use a lot more video in your marketing, then a detailed, journey-based strategy with a full content calendar is right for you. We recommend incorporating video as a category into your existing content calendar. Then you can plan out the purpose and target audience of each spot in the same way you do for any other marketing content.

Everyone knows that a video produced by a video production company is going to look better than something you shoot on your iPhone. But a lot of B2B marketers new to video marketing fail to engage video experts in the earlier stages of the project too.

Most marketing teams have a trusted roster of freelance copywriters, strategists, and designers. These people can create excellent case studies, whitepapers, and sales presentations. What they often cannot do excellently is concept or develop videos.

A video expert, be that a copywriter who specializes in scriptwriting or a creative director to oversee storyboards, is an investment in a quality video. Hiring an outside expert may sound expensive when you have good writers in house, but think about the cost as a percentage of your overall budget. If you are going to be spending tens of thousands of dollars on video production, why be cheap when it comes to paying someone a couple thousand for quality words? I promise it will be worth the investment to get a better video. We often recommend spending more of the budget on creatives and finding savings in the production itself.

Begin with a series of videos that explore frequently asked questions regarding the law in your local area. With some help from SEO tools and Google Analytics, you can find out what people are searching for and tailor your videos to those results.

Testimonials are one of the most effective ways to generate trust. In one survey, 79% of respondents said they trust online reviews as much as recommendations from family, friends and other people they know. That makes video testimonials a powerful marketing tool.

Creating strong video content for your business is a good way to reach a variety of markets and engage your audience. As the founder of a company that produces video content for some larger-than-life brands (ranging from RedBull to Coca-Cola), I can tell you that video is a very effective marketing tool when done well. However, more often than not, the videos I see startups and small businesses producing are done so poorly that they often end up doing more harm than good.

Here is a hypothetical: You just watched an online video for a company that talks about its new product, its heritage, a new location, stellar employees, business awards, recent philanthropic endeavor, personal message from the CEO and a new rewards program. What did you learn?

Waiting until the end of your video to convey your selling points is dangerous. The longer a video is, the faster viewer engagement drops (see Mistake #8). As in journalism, put the juicy bits in the beginning and follow them with supporting details.

Video content plays an important role in attracting more viewers to visit a website as 83% of marketers believe that incorporating videos have increased the average time their visitors spend on a page. Moreover, 84% agree that videos help generate more leads than other content marketing formats, such as blogs and whitepapers.

Therefore, many marketers use a video marketing strategy to leverage their product campaigns, especially social media and other platforms. Since videos are easy to understand, incorporating this marketing strategy can help you achieve goals rather quickly.

Second, as most internet users love watching videos, many businesses are trying to provide content in a video format to attract an audience. Hence, resulting in so many creators and brands making videos for their marketing purposes.

Since 68% of customers prefer watching video content to reading articles, making videos for a marketing campaign will help you convince the audience to make a purchase. In fact, about 64% of viewers decide to buy a product right after watching branded videos on the internet.

Google announced that video content would be one of their top ranking factors, and the search engine giant is sticking to its word. If you want to enjoy a fairly stable traffic flow to your website, you need to start uploading videos on your blog.

There is something extra special about personally interacting with a brand or even an individual through video rather than simply reading their written words. One of the most immediate ways for any business owner to show they are trustworthy is by broadcasting live video sessions where viewers can ask questions about your product or service offerings.

Videos help your audience to consider making a purchase on a product they barely know. Compared to written descriptions, product demo videos can help people understand product benefits and features quickly.

Although videos can be used for many purposes, marketing campaigns and promotional content require different videos that allow companies to convince customers. The following are a few marketing videos that work best for every business.

An explainer video is one of the most used marketing content for promotional purposes. This video marketing tactic is all about bringing a concept or process to the forefront by explaining it concisely and straightforwardly.

The goal of explainer videos is to sell your concepts through visuals and narration, so you have to be careful when planning this type of video content, especially if you are doing it from scratch. Make sure that you give out just enough information without leaving any crucial points for your prospects to ponder later.

This is the type of video that you would most likely find on a product or company website. A demo video showcases the best parts of your product and service with visual aids like screenshots, screencasts, images, and text within the first few seconds. If your prospects are interested in what they see, they might be encouraged to buy your product.

Testimonial videos are one of the most powerful ways to get people to trust your brand, especially since it comes from someone already purchased from you before. This type of video leaves a positive impression for both customers and search engine bots alike, improving your rankings for specific keywords relevant to your business.

How-to or tutorial videos are the best ways to explain using your product or service if it is too complicated. You can also show potential customers how easy it is to use your product or service through a video instead of reading an article full of technicalities that they may not understand. 041b061a72


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