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Pokemon Nightmare Version Gba [EXCLUSIVE]

Pokemon Nightmare is one of the interesting kind of pokemon rom hack which is made with the help of RPG Maker XP, for all the PC game lovers. The storyline of Pokemon Nightmare Version Download is little bit different from the Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Version, where you will some new pokemon as additional feature.

pokemon nightmare version gba

Different types of Pokemon Characters are available to test them for several kind of projects. As soon as you start the game you have to use one starter pokemon from the four available pokemon. Red, Leaf, Brendan, and May are the starters available for you, you can choose any one of them. As soon as you choose a starter pokemon, different missions will be allocated to you to choose which one you want to play. There are 2 rivals available and you have to choose one of them. Either choose Girl as Rival or Boy. Wonder Trade is one of the best features of the game, in which you can trade different kind of pokemon that you have captured.

The Battle system of the game is enhanced alot while ensuring that there are some special moves. The Motion graphics in the game are included which makes the game more different like in Pokemon Aquamarine Download. All of your enemies are ready for having some battle scenes in the game. They also have some pokemon which are expert in winning the battlefield as well. So be careful in challenging someone.

There are a lot of things that are randomized, but not too much to completely break pokemon, or pokemon nuzlockling. I DARE SOMEONE TO NUZLOCKE THIS, especially if you are a youtuber, if you can beat this in a Nuzlocke, and I mean Traditional Nuzlocke rules, no adding any of this new age crud, I will put you in the credits of this game, but you have to film everything. I also encourage everyone to play on SET. This game will be hard, but it will not be impossible, that is something we strive to accomplish. This Game is a Hybrid between an Extreme Randomizer, like Ttar's, and a Difficulty hack, like Dio vento's or Drayono's hacks.The Full game is out now! Version v1.1 is out Now!Things that are Randomzied:Level-Up Moves(60% Of It Is STAB Moves)Wild EncountersEgg movesTrainers have randomized teams, except for important trainers, like Hau, the kahuna's, the Elite Four, Plumeria, Title Defense Battles, etc. These important trainers will have hand crafted teams.Abilities will be randomized to an extent. For important pokemon in the game, like starters, customs, legendaries, etc. will be customized and not randomized.Important trainer's will have beneficial nature's and statsIt is planned that we have title defense challengers as Poketubers with their 6 favorite Pokemon, for example TKN(thekingnappy) will have his Gengar, shadypenguin with his pokemon, and Nexus with his Magcargo, teams more or less like that, we are for sure going to have TKN as a title defense challenger, not sure about the other two.This game will have an original story, and it will not be the kind of story you are used to seeing in pokemon. It will be a dark, unsettling kind of story.This game will have custom music, all of which is remixed music from previous installments in the pokemon franchise, and a couple will be from other video games, song credits are included with every .rar file we will post, so that we make sure that any song that we use, has credits to the original creator of the individual song, along with which songs replace which tracks in the game. There are over 100 new songs in total to replace all of the old ones. So all you music lovers out there are going to be able to listen to music that will please your ears every step of the way.We are also adding custom clothing and the like, so we will be having all of the previous generations enemy team outfits. Example: Rocket outfit, Magma outfit, Aqua Outfit, Plasma outfit, etc.Note: All legendaries will have new textures and some will even have new typings. We even have a whole slew of new Alolan forms and various shadow pokemon. You will be able to catch every legendary in the game, without having to need the other version of the game. It's really just a preference of which version you like more.Zygarde will be much harder to catch. I'm not kidding, good luck catching him.We have a new pokeball, named the Dark Ball, for catching shadow mons in. It is re textured over the Beast ball. So if you want an extra challenge, catch all of the new Shadow mons in the Dark balls. And yes, they act the same way that the normal beasts balls do. So Dark beasts will be easier to catch, and all other pokemon, it will just act like a normal pokeball.New Ideas are welcome, but we won't be implementing any of the community requested stuff until we are finished with all of our currently planned stuff first.To play on console you must have a Custom Firmware 3ds with Luma installed on it

Hello Pokefans , im running luma 9.0 with bs9 and put the game id folder in title, enabled rom patching but still don get the nightmare vetsion when i start the game =( i would really love to play ur game sine vanilla is so boring, please help ?

Like you're also waiting for great rom hackers like Dio and Drayono(the two people with the biggest names in pokemon romhacking) to re-upload their files. Which probably isn't going to happen because the format you ask us to deliver the rom hacks in is ludicrous. In the end, it's going to be your own loss for driving your community into the ground. Your new rules are stupid and out right offensive to the people who have put so much effort into their creations, and yes, I'm posting this public, sue me. Also, I feel like you guys only changed the rules to push forward your stupid patcher to try and shove it down our throats, it's not working if you can't tell. I've triedd to be civil with you guys, but what you're doing is scummy in every sense of the word.

I am going to settle this immediately and transparently. We try to go through all ROM hacks (file uploads in general really) regularly and remove all content that does not conform to our rules.Why do we have these rules? It is simple. We are trying to NOT be targeted by the copyright holders of Nintendo, Pokemon, and other products/brands. We do NOT want our website shut down like countless others for stupid reasons. If it suited them, they could shut us down for having pokemon in our domain name, so uploading copyright material is just icing on the cake. We will not put ourselves in a position where we have to defend ourselves over something like this. This is a website full of hacking material, so we are most likely skirting some legal boundaries as-is.I am not going to sit here and say that the patch tools available are the best (or even work) because they probably aren't. I wish I was into ROM hacks, cause then I would put forth effort to build a better tool for everyone, but that is not the case and I am sorry. So let's find people who like ROM hacks, know how to build the tools that we need, are willing to help and let's build better tools so all of us can stop thinking about copyright stuff and breaking rules accidentally. We will host and endorse whatever tools work and fit within the legal parameters we have to operate under.I can also assure all of you that we are not personally targeting anyone. We do not have an agenda or anything, so I am sorry if you feel that way. The moderators were told by me and other owners that they must help keep this place running legally since other sites were shut down for stupid reasons (like using the Pokemon logo in a ROM hack).@Foxfire94 and others, if you haven't already, please use the report button to let us know of material that should be taken down. Reported content is acted on quicker than our mods scouring the board/files area. Thank you for trying to help.

How do you make a Pokemon title even better? What about making a pinball world where you fire Pokeballs around different pinball courses, hitting different pokemon and racking up hi-scores as you go?

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