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Download Legendele Olimpului by Alexandru Mitru in PDF Format for Free: The Best Way to Experience Greek Mythology

Legendele Olimpului: A Classic Book of Greek Mythology by Alexandru Mitru

If you are interested in Greek mythology, you might have heard of a book called Legendele Olimpului (The Legends of Olympus) by Alexandru Mitru. This book is a classic in Romanian literature, as it retells the stories of the ancient Greek gods and heroes in a captivating and accessible way. In this article, we will explore what this book is about, who wrote it, how it influenced Romanian culture, and how you can read it online.

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The Author: Alexandru Mitru

Alexandru Mitru was a Romanian writer, teacher, journalist, and translator who lived from 1914 to 1989. He was born in Bucharest, where he studied literature and philosophy at the University of Bucharest. He worked as a teacher, editor, and director for various magazines and publishing houses. He also translated many works from French, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Latin, and Greek into Romanian.

He is best known for his books for children and young adults, especially Legendele Olimpului, which he wrote between 1958 and 1960. He was inspired by his love for Greek mythology, which he learned from his father, who was a classical scholar. He wanted to share his passion with his students and readers, so he decided to write a book that would present the myths in a simple, clear, and engaging way.

The Content: Legendele Olimpului

Legendele Olimpului is divided into two volumes: Zeii (The Gods) and Eroii (The Heroes). Each volume contains several chapters that narrate the stories of different gods or heroes from Greek mythology. The book covers a wide range of topics, such as the creation of the world, the war between the gods and the titans, the adventures of Hercules, Theseus, Perseus, Jason, Odysseus, Achilles, and many others.

The book is written in a lively and humorous style, with vivid descriptions, dialogues, and expressions. The author also adds his own comments and explanations to make the myths more understandable and relevant for modern readers. He also draws parallels between Greek mythology and Romanian folklore, history, and culture.

Volume 1: Zeii (The Gods)

The first volume of Legendele Olimpului focuses on the stories of the twelve main gods who live on Mount Olympus. They are:

  • Zeus, the king of the gods and the god of thunder;

  • Hera, his wife and sister, the queen of the gods and the goddess of marriage;

  • Poseidon, his brother, the god of the sea;

  • Hades, his brother, the god of the underworld;

  • Athena, his daughter by Metis, the goddess of wisdom and war;

  • Apollo, his son by Leto, the god of light, music, poetry, prophecy, healing;

  • Artemis, his daughter by Leto, the goddess of hunting, animals,

  • Aphrodite,

  • Ares,

  • Hephaestus,

  • Hermes,

  • Dionysus.

The book also introduces other gods who are related or connected to them, such as Demeter,Cronus,Rhea,Gaia,Uranus,Prometheus,Pandora,Nike,Eros,Nemesis,Typhon,Echidna,Cerberus,the Fates,the Muses,the Graces,the Furies,the Nymphs,the Satyrs,the Centaurs,the Cyclopes,the Giants,and many others. The stories in this volume include:

  • The creation of the world by Gaia (Earth) and Uranus (Sky);

  • The rebellion of Cronus against his father Uranus;

  • The birth of Zeus and his rise to power;

  • The war between Zeus and his allies against Cronus and his allies;

  • The division of the world among Zeus,

  • Poseidon,

  • Hades;

  • The birth,

  • powers,

  • personalities,

  • relationships,

  • rivalries,

  • adventures,

  • mistakes,

  • punishments,

  • worship,

  • symbols,

  • of each god;

  • The creation of humans by Prometheus;

  • The gift of fire to humans by Prometheus;

  • The punishment of Prometheus by Zeus;

  • The release of evils into the world by Pandora;

  • The flood sent by Zeus to wipe out humanity;

  • The survival of Deucalion and Pyrrha;

  • The visits of Zeus to Earth in various disguises;

  • The metamorphoses of Io,

  • Daphne,

  • Syrinx,

  • Narcissus,

  • Echo,

  • Clytie,

  • Niobe,

  • Ariadne,

Volume 2:

Eroii (The Heroes)

The second volume of Legendele Olimpului



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