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Sorenson Squeeze 8.5 Serial Number

Really? That's great!The only reason I wanted the standard version was because I thought the serial numbers were only valid with the respective. versions...But, being as you said, I'll try these installers, for I would rather use the Pro version, of course.

Sorenson Squeeze 8.5 Serial Number


I did manage to install Sorenson Squeeze 11 Pro, but in a strange way.The installer did not accept the serial number that I had for v11 standard, nor v10 standard. It did however, accept a serial number, from an older v8.5 version, so it's working.

[EDIT] I've just downloaded and installed 11.1. It was a quick and painless process, with the installer finding and using my existing serial number. But note that it's provided on an as-is basis with no support of any kind provided past September 1. Given that the same condition applies to my original version after September 1, I don't think I'll lose sleep over that.

If you have an installed version of squeeze (e.g. 8.x lite), the universal installer will take the existing serial number, if you simply run the installer without deinstalling the old version first. You could also do a clean installation, but you have to insert your serial manually.


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