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1999 Cbr 600 Fx Specs San Antonio Fixed

The 1999 Blackbird is a good choice if you can afford it. This was the first year it got fuel injection, and the fuel tank was also increased to a hefty 24 litres (5.2 galls). The ignition key was linked to a built-in immobiliser, too. In the past two years the bike has hardly changed, making the two-year-old machine very good value.

1999 Cbr 600 Fx Specs San Antonio

1997: Honda CBR1100XX Super Blackbird launched.1998: Honda CBR1100XX Super Blackbird gets modified cooling system.1999: Honda CBR1100XX Super Blackbird gets major re-vamp, including fuel injection, bigger fuel tank, HISS and more.2001: Catalytic converted added to Honda CBR1100XX Super Blackbird, new instrument panel, taller screen.

a bike ahead of its time with a few tweeks can stay with any bike on any road but that is not all. this is a very fast and smooth every day bike. also my 1999 bird still looks and goes like it is still new. i have 56000 miles on the clock a classic just buy one and see for your self . who needs all the electronic crap and sat nav anyway.

I own my third Superblackbird after I had the 1997 the carb version and the fuel injection one in 1999.My current one is almost 20 years old, 30,000 miles, I use it to commute every dry day (12,000 miles in 2 years). Goes, feels and drives like new... a true triumph of modern engineering. I had many other bikes, this one is simply the best built.

Having ridden bikes for 33 years from the Z50 Monkey Bike to the Triumph Rocket III, I can say this is the best overall bike I have owned. I regret selling my 2006/7 model when I moved overseas, but I have since purchased the 1999 model. I can say this bike is even better than the 2007 model, although it guzzles more fuel. The bike came with a single Yoshi carbon full system and tips the scale at least 10-15kg lighter than stock.It isn't the best bike in any one characteristic, but excels in all aspects. Stability through corners, straight line acceleration, comfortable two up touring and effortless high speed highway riding. The only let down for me are the linked brakes which feel strange at first but you get used to them. It's a nightmare changing to braided brake lines, with about 10 separate hoses needing to be changed!

No bike is perfect, but the niggles are so small on the Blackbird it might as well be. The 'negatives' are basically down to marginally higher insurance, low bars (somewhat fixable), limited frame slider options, and narrow mirrors that show as much elbow as traffic (somewhat fixable with SW Motech extender blocks). My red '99, the first year with the fuel-injection, ram-air, and bigger tank, is beyond words - but here are a lot of them, anyway. I know that nearly everybody who posts on these sites is in love with their bikes, but the XX deserves all its praise. Full stop. This is a total precision machine with religious-experience power. And it's built like a tank. Reliability is legend. Birds are running around Europe with 200K plus on them. You can even change the oil and filter without taking the fairing panels off - something you don't find on most high tech bikes. Chain adjust is easy too. And it has a centre stand, like every chain bike should! Heck, make that any bike chain or not!! I have had a few powerful motorcycles in my day but my Blackbird freaks me right out. The acceleration is ungodly. But it's also a total pussycat if you want to ride it like that, no need to rev the snot out of it. The huge torque is just there, delicious and smooth. Six gear is near useless in my opinion because of the huge twist. I can bog this thing down to 1500 rpm around city corners and it just chugs on. The handling too is fantastic. It has a very low centre of gravity, so it moves around very well in city traffic, and it is very balanced and neutral in sport riding too. Bike is just stable and neutral everywhere. Ride it a while and it feels light as a feather, even if you're coming from a lighter bike. The suspension is zero-adjustable upfront, and barely-adjustable out back, but it doesn't matter, it works very well. Smooth sophisticated ride with very good bump absorption. have my rear shock cranked up and the bike is rock stable at any speed. The linked brakes are great, though not ABS. I've had a few nearly all-out stops and I don't know what you'd have to do to lock up its wheels. Maybe hit ice or road sand. Very stable and strong braking. I have a Yoshimura RS3 full exhaust system on it with dB killer in and it sounds incredible. Just the right loudness. But I'm sure stock is great too, nice and stealthy. In the big city, on the freeway, in mountains, even gravel!, I've done it all with this bike. It is just Honda classy competence all around. The only reason I haven't given it 4 stars on comfort is because I find the bars low even with my VFR bars fix. Eventually I'm going to sell and go to something more upright like an ST1300/FJR/Concours or even back to a Bandit/ZRX/FZ1 sport standard, but let me tell you it's going to break my heart to sell this thing. If I can find a wife-winning argument to keep it and also have something more upright too, I'll make it! I improved the ergos a lot by putting OEM Honda VFR 800 VTEC (2002-20012) clipons on it. They slip right into the stock mounts and take up all the cable slack, but they work. That inch or so rise and pull back makes a huge difference in comfort. Feel close to my old Katana/GSX750F or VFR ergos after that change. Very comfy for sport touring. Still, a full day in the saddle leaves me a bit cramped up. But I love every minute on this bike. And Blackbirds are cheap as hell right now because the years have gone by. But they are not 'old tech'...with ABS and maybe ride by wire and traction control to satisfy the propeller heads, Honda could roll these out tomorrow and people would buy them! Hell, I'd buy it re-issued at '99 specs! They got it so right back then! Blackbirds were way ahead of their time and their fantastic reputation is 100% earned. Get one, you will love it!

I first rode an XX in the Spring of 1999; it was a 98 model. At the time I had a YZF1000 Thunderace and the Blackbird was superior in every way. In 2003 Honda stopped importing the XX to the US so I figured my dream of owning one was dead. I found one simply by chance at a dealer in Kentucky. It was a pristine 2003 model that was built in November of 2002. The bike had 14,000 miles on it and it scared the crap out of the original owner. I came back an hour later and paid cash for the bike. Now, 6 weeks later I have put almost 2,000 miles on the bike.The XX is beyond smooth at any speed and the powerband is very linear from idle to terminal velocity. The bike may be heavy at 550 pound but riding it, you wouldn't know it. It's a bit lazy in the tight twisties but if you stay ahead of the bike it will give the RR models a real headache and the XX design is now 13 years old which is amazing in the world of the high performance bikes. The XX will clear 200 miles on a load of fuel, is very easy to maintain and commands respect everywhere it goes. It's comfortable, has a fun factor that is through the roof and has a spirit akin to the finest thoroughbred.

I purchaced my first Blackbird a 2001 with 20000 miles on 3 years ago after trying Yam xjr 1300 Suzuki 1100 Honda pan 1100 ,and thought this bike is a great allrounder. Everything is great comfort performance etc. then i am sorry to say i had a brainstorm and sold it for a Suzuki gsx 1400 because of my back problem i thought sit up would be better but no it gave me a bad neck at 70 mph. So this year i have purchaced another Blackbird i could only afford a 1999 model but it does come with fuel injection top box panniers one owner from new and only 8000 miles so i am happy again. Pitty it could not have been black. 350c69d7ab


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