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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 For Mac

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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 For Mac


Pricing and Availability Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 for Windows and Macintosh is available now at, for pre-order via and and will be available soon at retail and online outlets such as Frys,,,,,, and select camera stores. The estimated street price is USD $299 for new users with an upgrade price of USD$99 for qualified registered Lightroom users. Recommended system requirements are Macintosh OS X v 10.5, 10.6 with Intel(r) based processor, or Microsoft(r) Windows(r) 7, Windows Vista(r) Home Premium, Business, Ultimate, or Enterprise or Windows XP with Service Pack 3, Intel(r) Pentium(r) 4 processor, 2 GB RAM and a 1,024x768 resolution screen.

Additional information on product features, upgrade policies, pricing, and language versions is available on Join the Lightroom community on Facebook ( and Twitter ( ).

1) Save the files and catalogue on an external drive (all users have direct access to the photo files & catalogue) 2) Share the catalogue with read/write privileges across your network / pc (all users have full access within lightroom but can be restricted to read only for direct access to photo files)

I'm not a professional photographer so the price point is a concern of mine: For a few weeks now, I've been using DxO OpticsPro 11, since it is free if you download it by the the end of November. The speed and processing quality is rather good (imo much better than ACDSee, Aftershot, Darktable or Apple Photos). While it is not a fully fledged DAM/raw developer in the vains of lightroom, it's been very satisfying as a substitute for the Bridge+Adobe Camera Raw combo. and Gimp (on linux) pretty much cover my bases these days, for free. Used to own photoshop light (whatever they called it) but didnt feel like re-buying all the time (computer/OS changes, etc).

If you shoot film and scan, I think you pretty much have to use photoshop. That goes from Epson Scan-> Photoshop (cropping, dusting, curves, sharpening) -> Lightroom (occasional tweaking and outputting).

Digital images, I usually go to photoshop for more extensive curves and for doing burning and dodging with layer masks. Like if I were doing a wedding, I'd be using photoshop minimally. A portrait I was really into, I might be all over it.

The only real improvement in photoshop I would give a cr4p about would be for them to fix the ridiculously poor print engine (same for lightroom). Why they can't get that straight, I have no idea. It's an absolute mess, and has been for as long as I've been using them.

Fast forward to today, when I set up my new computer, I decided not to re-install any software that I don't use any longer. I haven't touched photoshop for more than 3 years, as Aperture does very nicely all post-processing I usually do, which isn't very much, I admit. I long tuned out of Adobe's update cycle.

Well this finally makes me realise what an old fart I am, I'm still using Photoshop 7.0, I'll soon be lapped by the new Photoshop CS7. Frightening, the program seems as out of date as my Rollei, but they both work and have the virtue of relative simplicity. I only ever use about 5% of what photoshop can do anyway.


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