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[S6E3] Magic Bus

We begin where the previous episode left off. It's all dark at first, then we Fade In and hear gasps of breath and we see Ser Davos staring in shock. Melisandre's ritual worked after all. Jon Snow lives again, staggering to his feet, gasping for air like a drowned man, freezing in the cold air. Ser Davos rushes to him with a coat. Jon, still shivering and confused, gazes at the knife wounds on his chest, questioning how he can still be alive after being stabbed through the heart. He remembers being stabbed by Olly, Thorne and others. Meanwhile, Melisandre enters the room in the meantime and her eyes open in shock at seeing the fruit of her magic. She rushes to Jon Snow and asks him what he had seen in the hereafter (answer: nothing). Melisandre mentions that the Lord of Light brought him back to the living, and that Stannis wasn't the Prince That Was Promised, which means that Jon is. Davos, having had his fill of magic for one evening, moves her out of the room and discusses practical matters with Jon Snow. It's absolutely insane that he's back, and it must obviously be more insane to the resurrected man. Jon laments about his betrayal, noting that he has failed in uniting the Night's Watch behind his agenda. He tried to do the right thing and he ended up getting stabbed for it. Ser Davos tells him that it's good he accepts that, now it's time to fail again at doing the right thing. Jon then descends into Castle Black accompanied by Ser Davos. The crowd gathered outside the cabin, Wildlings and Watchmen both, stare at him in shock, not believing their eyes. They make way as Jon Snow clad in his Lord Commander's robes wades into the crowd, with the people making way for him as he reaches Tormund Giantsbane. Tormund tells Jon that the Wildlings think Jon a god. Jon says he's not a god, to which Tormund says that he knows he isn't and he's glad that Jon agrees. After all: "I saw your pecker. What kind of god would have a pecker that small?" The two of them hug each other. Jon moves forward and glimpses loyal Dolorous Edd and heads straight to him and the two hug it out, with Edd expressing gladness at postponing the cremation.

[S6E3] Magic Bus

Papageno and Pamina are searching for Tamino when they are recaptured by Monostatos and his slaves. Papageno plays his magic bells, and Monostatos and his slaves begin to dance, and exit the stage, still dancing, mesmerised by the beauty of the music. Schnelle Füße, racher Mut (Swift feet and ready courage)

e Bundys of the past before laughing together about Al being different because he sells shoes. Immediately after Al informs them that he is finally done and tells they can come in for their first and only time. As they walk in, they are surprised at what he was able to do, creating a well built recreation room with not just a hammer, but dad's hammer, which starts to have a magical glow. Peg becomes sad, asking him if he really is thinking about moving out, but he replies by telling her that he has done just that and tells them to immediately leave. Peg tries to voice her concern, but Al immediately raises his hammer, now glowing again and showing a threatening looking on his face, causing them to run back out of the room.. As soon as they leave, he locks the door with several different bolts and chains and then takes a seat on his couch.

starts making out, the hammer, which is hanging on a plaque that reads "Dad's Hammer", above Bud's head, starts to glow and magically slips out, hitting Bud directly on top of his head and causing him to burst out into tears. As Jill ask him if he's OK (though now calling him Dust Buster B), he calls her a buffoon and points out that he's dying, before calling out, "Mommy!" as the hammer gives off its mysterious glow once more. 041b061a72

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